Saturday, January 7, 2012

Philippines massive development

I recently went to my homeland in the Philippines and spent   3  weeks vacation.My country is a developing nation  composed  7107 islands  with more than 90 million Filipinos.In the 70's my country was the second  richest in asia  next only to Japan however years of political instability, corruption and inconsistent economic policies made my country one of the poorest in asia I felt so excited as the plane landed on NAIA although I've heard a lot of negative stories regarding the old terminal I was able to get my luggage quickly and I was surprised with a welcoming immigration officer.
I was surprised with the construction boom happening everywhere ,gigantic malls,  number of big  luxury hotels,towering condominiums  being built  on most streets,  train lines and flyovers along edsa avenue.Thank you for the eleven million overseas Filipinos who send billion dollar money which help propel our economy I hope that this rapid development will continue so that our country will regain its previous economic status as the second richest  country in asia or even better than Japan ( watch the video that i found in Youtube)

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