Friday, January 13, 2012

New York the city that never sleeps

Chysler  Building

New York is my favorite city in the world because there's so much to do, there's so much to see and there's so many places to visit .New York City often called the "big apple" is the most populous  city in the United States. During 2010 census it has more than 8 million residents.After spending almost four years of my life in this bustling city  I realized that how diverse the world is.More than 30 percent of its population is foreign born which makes this dynamic city the most diverse in the world.Everywhere you go in subways, trains, restaurant, public offices  and parks  you will hear conversations in different languages such as spanish, mandarin, korean ,  portuguese, french and even tagalog.Flags of diiferent countries were also display everywhere in restaurant ,houses, hotels and offices which symbolizes their roots and made New York as their new home. Sometimes I wonder if I'm still  in america. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

PALAWAN the Philippines' last frontier.

Spectacular sunset at majica island
Scuba diving lesson 101
Palawan  comprised of several islands in which Coron is one of its most visited island.Being a first time  visitor,I was amazed by the beautiful powdery white sand beaches surrounded by huge limestome cliffs and wildlife.The warm waters of Kayangan  and Barakuda lake was good  and a stunning location for snorkeling.

Culion Island old church

There are lots of things to do in  Coron, island hopping , scuba diving ,swimming and of course my  favorite thing to do eating.The must see places  in Coron are  kayangan lake -go to the cave and climb to the top of the mountain- the view is the most photographed in coron,Baracudda lake had a beautiful underwater rock formation ,Twin lagoon offers excellent kayaking in the hole of huge rock,Mt tapyas- experienced  more than 700 steps to reach to top and get fascinated to the awesome view of the island, Banol beach features picturesque large limestone cliffs and beautiful white sand beach , Culion island is a former leper colony rich in natural and historical attraction , while there you can visit it's lighthouse, old church and a medical museum. siete picados, maquinit hot springs and a lot more.Coron  is only one of the thousand  islands that the Philippines can offer but my experienced in visiting this place gives me another reason to discover more unspoiled  islands of the country. I believe that if the Philippines will improve its marketing strategy and develop its infrastructure from airports,hotels  and roads the will take you to this breathtaking places as well as cleanliness and security for tourist the country has a huge potential in becoming a prime tourist destination in the world ( watch the videolink that I found in youtube)-> .

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Rock formations

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Philippines massive development

I recently went to my homeland in the Philippines and spent   3  weeks vacation.My country is a developing nation  composed  7107 islands  with more than 90 million Filipinos.In the 70's my country was the second  richest in asia  next only to Japan however years of political instability, corruption and inconsistent economic policies made my country one of the poorest in asia I felt so excited as the plane landed on NAIA although I've heard a lot of negative stories regarding the old terminal I was able to get my luggage quickly and I was surprised with a welcoming immigration officer.